About Us

We are E-Clicks Solutions! A place where excellent things get done!

We believe there is a better way to do everything especially when you add technology. We are passionate about it so we infuse new and stable tech in everything we do… in every single project we undertake.

We do this with simplicity in mind, simple enough for YOU to understand and appreciate. That’s why our customers love and appreciate us.

Our Core Values
The Journey so far ...
Our Founding

E-Clicks Solutions was founded by Ekukinam Joseph and Egelamba Chinedum on a faithful Sunday evening in May, 2012. It was called E-Clicks Cafe then.. yes, we started as an internet cafe serving ICT to the DSC Community. We made a lot of mistakes back then.. (which we still laugh about today). Still fired up and learning always, we were desperate for guidance. Trying times…


Our Mentor Returns

Then we were THREE(3). What a relief… Nothing like having grey hairs (experience) in a team. Our Mentor, Okotie Henry with 9 years experience in running internet cafes and ISP’s joins us, back from his Masters course.
Stability starts creeping in. We are still running as an internet cafe, learning the ropes the right way.

Another Wolf to the Pack!

Four(4) is a good number… Our Founder, Joseph Ekukinam, A web designer then with his big vision attracts Akpoviri Akpoveta, An Artist and experienced print designer. The design revolution begins.
What a good year!


Growth & Expansion

With over 20 Websites and 100+ print designs completed, E-Clicks adds a training hub to its Internet Cafe and moves to a bigger structure. A lot of under utilized space here… Ideas anyone?

1st Seed Funding Round!

Our Founder, Joseph Ekukinam, gets shortlisted for the prestigious Tony Elumelu Foundation Awards and training (TEF) program as part of the top 1000 Entrepreneurs in the continent with ground-breaking ideas with potential to change Africa. We took our first funding to establish our design/development room. Development begins on The Shopkeeper.
Now there’s a buzz around the business, more fire added, sales looking better and morale is up. New belief in the team and new direction.
Something had to give…


2nd Seed Funding Round

NAILED IT AGAIN!!! Thing’s are now moving faster with our new found morale. This time our Business Development Manager, Akpoviri Akpoveta brings in the prize for the team after qualifying for the GEM program funded by the Worldbank. We are now moving into media. A pure fusion between ICT and Media.
Second funding is used to upgrade our training hub, build our brand new Photo Studio & Media Editing Suite. A time of learning ahead for us. This should be interesting…and hectic. But as ever, we are up for the task.

Third Seed Funding Round!

Our Founder, Joseph Ekukinam, goes for a meet and greet and lands a surprise investor. We introduce six(6) new businesses and solidifies our development and media units. Our new businesses include; Print from home/office service, Power Generation service for offices around our main office.
Sales are increasing, business looking very solid now with 5 Full time workers, 2 Interns and 2 contract staff and over 400 clients and counting. It sure promises to be interesting times ahead…

Our Partners

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